Terms & Conditions

We have some conditions!

Yes, we have.

To complete a project successfully and keep relationship well as always, it’s good to have some working condition.

Standard terms and conditions of Contract and acceptance for JoinAffix.

Service: JoinAffix is one of the best Website Design & Development, Graphic Design, App Development, Admin & IT Support and Digital Marketing company in Bangladesh. We are among the pioneers all over the world to offer quality web services to Large, medium and small sized businesses to compete in today’s digital world. We possess the experience and expertise to assist web entrepreneurs reach their customers across the digital space.

  1. Non-account holding clients may be asked to either pre-pay or pay for services and goods upon delivery. A Pro-Forma invoice will be issued in both cases and final payment terms will be agreed upon between the company and the client in writing by way of e-mail/letter or fax.
  2. The company reserves the right to charge the amount of any value added tax payable whether or not included on the estimate or invoice.
  3. Any reason for partial or non-payment must be notified by email or special/recorded delivery letter within 3 days of receipt of goods or services. we will not accept verbal or email communications for partial or non-payment of goods or services. The company will not accept responsibility for any errors, shortfalls or damage to delivered goods after this date. Estimated delivery times are not contractual. Goods excepted entirely at owners (clients) risk.
  4. Client’s need to provide the requirements within 10 working days to start the work. The client must provide all those requirements at a time with written based otherwise we will never liable and no more additional part will be added for the next time.
  5. Service price can be changed depending on service or project type. But it should be negotiable.
  6. For website, e-commerce website must be delivered within 20-30 working days. Once the project is done the client’s need to clear all dues within the next 3 workings days to final delivery the project from us.
  7. If the client adds new layout or redevelopment after the development of JoinAffix never do this as per company policy.
  8. If any module or function if needed then the client needs to pay for the extra work but it should be negotiable.
  9. Anyone or any organizations can’t claim to JoinAffix if any goods (image, logo, template, content, article, etc.) become copyright that is provided by the client.
  10. In case any difficulty arises from clients then must need to sit and fix the problem within 7 working days once the work order signed by the client.
  11. If any additional part will be added in future client need to pay the extra amount but it should be negotiable.
  12. JoinAffix has the right to terminate any services if the client involved in cyber-crime, forcing and illegal activities.
  13. JoinAffix has to right to take the necessary legal action if any client threat any of our employ’s board member as per international or Bangladeshi law.
  14. Before take our services client must need to read all those service terms and condition carefully and try to obey the entire rules on behalf of him/herself.
  15. We only accept the work order once the client read all those terms and conditions which we mention above.

Thank You
JoinAffix Team